Solar Tube Lighting - Is it Right For Your Home?

Solar tube lighting uses light tubes or light pipes to transport natural incoming light to a specified location in your home. See schematic.

Solar tube lightning
Solar tube lightning

Why do people use solar tube lighting?

People use solar tubes for lighting because is provides natural lighting and is a great conversation piece. Also, light bulbs will no longer be needed in the specified room during the day. Minimizing your use of light bulbs helps save you and your family money on electric bills in the future. Additionally, solar tubes block the heat from the sun. Therefore the room your lighting can still remain cool even with solar lighting through a solar tube.

Can solar tube lighting be used in rooms not directly connected to the roof?

Indeed they can. Many people have successfully run solar light tubes through the upstairs walls into the downstairs living room and dining room areas. Thus the dining room and the living room now obtain enough light during the daytime to remove the need of light bulbs.

Solar Tube Lighting Disadvantages.

Solar tubes are expensive ($169-$289) and are difficult to install. A hole is cut in the roof and the solar tube is placed from the roof to the specified room. Patching and reinstalling shingles is necessary to patch up the roof after installation.

Solar Tube Lighting Alternatives.

Solar panels use solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity. The electricity is then used to light the light bulbs around the house.

Solar tube lighting is cool! but not as efficient as solar panels
Solar tube lighting is cool! but not as efficient as solar panels