BP Solar Panel Cheaper Alternative

BP solar panels are produced by BP Solar global that produces, designs, and manufactures solar technologies to harness the sun’s energy. BP Solar Panel is one of the largest solar panel manufactures in North America and they say that they offer solar panel technology at a ‘fair’ price. Well there is actually a much cheaper alternative to buying BP solar panels, and that is with building your own solar panels. You can build your own solar panels for under $200.

BP Solar Panels Alternative

If you are super rich and do not mind paying for professional installation then the BP solar panel route is fine for you. If you would rather save money by building your own solar panels and installing them yourself (no you don’t have to be tech savvy or a mechanic) then I have a very reasonable alternative. You can learn how to build solar panels for under $200!

Solar panels are great because they can save you $1000s or dollars every year on you electricity bill and because they decrease your dependence upon wildly fluctuating and constantly dwindling fossil fuels. Additionally you help save the environment and help prevent global warming.

BP Solar Panels
BP Solar Panels

BP Solar Panels Are Easy Though

While it would be easier for you to get professional installation, you have to ask yourself if the money is worth it. Or would you rather build your own solar panels for a fraction of the price, for under $200.

BP Solar Panels are Professional!

It is true. BP offers professional installation of solar panels. But wouldn’t you rather learn HOW to build your own solar panels? The second option allows you to rebuild solar panels after they quit working (~15-20 years) while the first option would require you to pay a fortune to get new solar panels.