DIY Power Generator Step by Step Guide Part 2

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So by now you have all of these parts…but how do you actually connect them together to create the solar panel network? The steps below will help you achieve a complete and working DIY power generator using solar power. Read more about this at homemade electric generator.

DIY Power Generator Steps Part 2

1) Connect the DC input and the DC meter to the top of the battery box with a drill.

2) Connect the DC meter to the terminals on the battery using insulated wire. The terminals have a negative and a positive side. Connect them the correct way otherwise your DC meter will read negative numbers. For safety reasons, only handle one wire at a time and connect the negative pole first.

DIY Power Generator Illustration
DIY Power Generator Illustration

3) Connect the solar panel to the battery by using insulated wire. Read the safety in step 2.

4) You’re almost done! Simply place the solar panel in the sun and watch it charge the battery. Er, rather, don’t watch. Go eat some pineapple or something while it does the work while you do nothing! You gain free energy! The battery will take around 6 hours to charge if it’s completely dead.

You’re finished! This will allow you to power your home devices with diy power generators. The beauty of this apparatus is that once it’s set up, it’ll continue to produce energy for you for a life time.

So you’ve learned how to set up a solar panel would you like to learn how to make your own solar panels?

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And save the environment!

And help your country with the energy crisis!