DIY Solar Electricity - The Secret They Didn't Tell You

Overview of DIY Solar Electricity

Before I get into the secret, I want to go over a brief overview of breakthroughs that have recently occurred in this industry.

Due to recent advances in technologies associated with solar power systems, house owners now have the ability to build solar panels by themselves at household and save money on electric bills.

Professional installation of solar electricity system runs into the thousands, $3000 average price, and can be too costly for home proprietors.

DIY Solar Electricity
DIY Solar Electricity

However, with recently published guides, solar panels can be created for under $200! That is a monumental potential profit margin.

DIY Solar Electricity Benefits

There are numerous benefits, such as having decreased electricity bills and lessening your dependence upon the energy company. Global warming and the energy crisis problems are also bypassed when you build your own solar panels.

The Secret of DIY Solar Electricity

First I want to make it clear that if it weren't for the fact that I am a solar power fan, I would NOT give this information to you. However, I am..and I trust that some individuals take the necessary minimal effort to make the plan work.

Close your eyes and imagine this, well maybe not close your eyes...but imagine this: you are outside in your backyard working on establishing your own solar panels and your neighbors become curious in what you are doing. They begin pestering you about the project seeking information on the benefits and why you are making the solar panels. Well guess what..

Back away from the situation and notice it with a business brain. You are establishing solar panels and your neighbor is interested. I think they just became a prospective customer. Remember the price differential between DIY solar power systems and professionally installed solar power systems? There is a couple $1000s between $200 and ~$3000. You can have instant gain simply by offering to construct a solar panel for you neighbors for between $200 and $3000! Also mention how much money they can save on energy bills.

Constructing and installing can be a pain, more work than you might want to do. The solution is to just hire someone to make and construct the solar panels. Answer: Craig's list.

You can take this one step further. Remember the person from Craig's list? Just have them make YOUR solar panel at home too.

You might be wondering, how can you get started?