DIY Solar Panels for Home Use: What are your Options?

DIY Solar Panels for Home Use: 4 basic Options.

There are an amazing number of environmentally conscious people who want to live a more environmentally favorable life. However, most of these souls are unaware how to live a more environmentally friendly life. One quality way is to supply your own electrical power through either wind or solar power. Below, the 4 popular options shown will help you decide how to accomplish your want to be environmentally favorable with DIY solar panels.

Solar Panels at Home - Professional Installation or DIY?

4 Options: DIY Solar Panels for Home Use.

  • Hire a Professional. This is great if you are super rich and don’t desire to put forth the drive of putting up the solar panels yourself. The cost for this is immense (average of $27,000). This choice is still worth it in the long run because you will be saving money on your energy bill. Nonetheless, it will take a while to recoup the initial cost. Personally, I’d rather buy a grand piano for that cost.
  • Purchase a DIY solar panel kit. The majority of DIY solar panel kits can be found for ~$600. In contrast to option 1, this method is much cheaper, Nevertheless, you'll have to do the installation yourself. Yes, you might have to climb on your roof. If you’re scared of heights, I probably wouldn’t recommend this choice. You could always put the solar panels in your back yard..but that’s not as cost-efficient. The solar panels won’t receive as much sun.
  • Purchase a guide that instructs you on how to make your own DIY solar panels. Additionally, these guidebooks books teach you where to find cheap supplies, and instruct you how to purchase the materials and set up the solar panels for under $200. In this way, you can produce as many solar panels as you want.
  • Use the internet to find all required information. It may be startling, but all the information you need can be found online. Even So, many hours will pass before you find all the necessary information on how to build your own solar panels at home. So you have to ask yourself, is your time worth the $40 that you’d spend on the guide? Or would you rather use a couple of days to find all the information? The guide has all the info in one place with easy to follow directions. That’s not the case on-line. So it’s really up to you, which option you believe is best.

There you have it, 4 alternatives. Is there a right way or a wrong way? The wrong way would be to do none of the above, but all four methods are ‘right’; some are better for certain individuals. Personally, I’d advocate choice 3. Invest in buying a guidebook so you don’t have to squander time scouring the net for the solar panels information.

Imagine if individuals would take the initiative to better the world by investing in DIY solar panels. Some mortals just don’t take the initiative or care. Those who do will be the rich ones and they will be saving money on their energy bills. I can’t wait until the time comes for a Earth to be run on solely renewable energy. Perhaps the government will begin subsidizing those with renewable energy.