DIY Solar Power System: The Secret They Won’t Tell You

DIY Solar Power System Overview

Before I get into the secret, I want to go over a brief overview of breakthroughs that have recently occurred in this industry.

DIY Solar Power System is a recent phenomenon that allows home owners and business owners alike to save money on their electric bills by building their own DIY solar power system.

Professional installation of solar power system runs into the thousands, $3000 average cost, and can be too costly for home owners.

However, with recently released guides, solar panels can be created for under $200! Notice the difference in cost between professional installation and DIY installation because it is important for later.

DIY Solar Power System Benefits

Solar power systems have a wide variety of benefits from saving you $1000s of dollars a year in electric bills to improving the value of your house. Additionally you become more environmentally friendly and help your government with the energy crisis.

More Homemade Solar Panel Benefits

DIY Solar Power Secret

I would NOT be giving this plan away if I wasn’t such a strong advocate for renewable energy. But I am..and I am hoping some people are willing to put forth some minimal effort.

So you’re building and installing your solar panels on your roof and in your backyard and your neighbors naturally become curious as to what you are doing. They start asking you about your project and the benefits of a solar power system. Well guess what..

Here’s the secret

Rather than you being neighbors, you are now the businessman and your neighbor is a customer. Remember the price differential between DIY solar power systems and professionally installed solar power systems? $200 compared to $3000!?

  • Well, you simply offer to build a solar panel for your neighbor at some price between $200 and $3000 dollars and you have instant profit!

Now building and installing solar panels can be a lot of work..and you might not want to put forth the effort. So what you do is simply hire someone by posting a job position on Craig’s list!

You wouldn’t even have to build your own solar panel at home. Just hire someone to follow the instructions on the guide and at minimum save yourself and your home some money on electric bills!

Intsructables has a good guide on how to make solar panels.