Do It Yourself Solar Panels

In recent years, dependence upon foreign oil has posed a problem for numerous countries. Prices vary wildly and the consumer can never know what price to expect. Additionally, politic instabilities and the energy crisis have called for an answer to this problem. Global warming continues; we need to decrease our use and need of fossil fuels. As a result, many people are looking to renewable energies such as wind power and solar panels to create this energy.

One popular option is to build massive amounts of solar panels that will convert the sun’s energy into electricity. These can be installed at home on the roof, in backyards, or they can be used in a solar panel power plant. However, most businesses and industries believe they would have to pay more money for electricity if they were to rely upon solar panels. On the small scale, such as for home owners, this is not the case because home owners can build their own do it yourself solar panels for under $200.

Do It Yourself Solar Panels
Do It Yourself Solar Panels

Why Do It Yourself Solar Panels?

The sun is a free source of energy. Do it yourself solar panels allows you to easily harness this source of energy. The great thing about solar panels is that once they are installed, they require no further investment and will continually produce energy for you. Also, since there are no moving parts, there is no need for a repairman.

Do It Yourself Solar Panels Benefits

  • The benefits of do it yourself solar panels are staggering.
  • You dramatically decrease or eliminate your energy bill.
  • You decrease your countries dependence upon foreign oil.
  • You help solve the energy crisis.
  • You help lessen the effects of global warming.
  • You no longer have to be dependent upon your energy provider.
  • If you produce enough energy, you can sell it back to the energy company.
  • You receive tax benefits for building a do it yourself solar panels. (Depends where you live. The USA now supports this.)
  • The solar panels last around 20 years and require little or no repair because there are no moving parts. Free energy for 20 years! Think of the savings you’ll have on your energy bills in that amount of time.
  • Sunlight can be harnessed everywhere.
  • The initial cost to build and install solar panels are minimal, ~$200 if you do it yourself.
  • The sun will last vastly longer than the dwindling supply of fossil fuels.
  • The sun is constant and reliable.
  • Save $1000s of dollars a year on energy bills!
Do it yourself solar panels
Do it yourself solar panels
Do It Yourself Solar Panels Conclusion

Sunlight is an incredible way to provide for energy needs of consumers in all parts of the world including third-world countries. I believe that solar energy will soon become vital for the people of this world and the country that takes the initiative and starts turning towards solar electricity will become a world power. So do your part and build a do it your self solar panel for under $200.

The benefits are well worth it.