Green DIY Energy Guide VS. Earth For Energy Extensive Review

Currently there are two main competitors in the solar DIY energy market. ‘Green DIY Energy Guide’ and ‘Earth for Energy Review’. These are the top two competitors because they are the only two DIY solar energy guides that offer video instructions.

Both Green DIY Energy and Earth for Energy guides are excellent and will teach you how to build your own solar panel. Both guides are the exact same price of $49.97, and both guides have basically the same sales page, but there are differences that set them apart.

Check them out, the sales pages are remarkable similar, so similar in fact that I am suspicious that one guide creator probably copied the other guide creator’s sales page.

Both products offer similar bonus features, including how to build a windmill. They both have the same 5 reasons to purchase the guide.

With all of these similarities, how can you possible choose the best guide?

There’s only one way, and that’s to take an inside look into both guides.

Green DIY Energy Guide Advantage

Both guides have their strengths and weaknesses.

Green DIY Energy guides is focused on videos and video tutorials.

It has outstanding videos, by far better than Earth for Energy Review. Green DIY Energy Guide probably focuses on videos rather than text because it is a newer guide, and there has been a recent trend for marketers to turn to videos rather than text.
  • Check out the video sample below. It has high quality visuals, professional quality, and easy to follow directions.

Green DIY Energy Guide promises to teach you how to build a 75 Watt solar panel for under $100, and it upholds its promises. Green DIY Energy also has better, and more numerous ideas on how to get cheap parts for your solar panels.


Earth For Energy Review Advantages

While Earth for Energy doesn’t have as good of videos, Earth for Energy's written guide is slightly superior to Green DIY Energy Guide. It has better pictures and illustrations to demonstrate how to build the solar panels for under $200.


The real question is whether you’d like to have written instructions with pictures, or videos that show you exactly how to build it. Again, each has its benefits and weaknesses.

Written instructions you can print out and use as a reference outside, while videos will need to be played on a computer or a laptop. If you have a laptop, you could bring the laptop outside and watch the videos as you’re constructing the solar panels.

Videos offer clearer and more concise instructions while written instructions can be hard to follow at times, and more difficult to comprehend because they cannot ‘show’ you exactly what they’re doing as they do in the videos.

Green DIY Energy Guide VS Earth For Energy Review Conclusion

  • Green DIY Energy Guides offers superior videos with concise, easy to follow instructions on how to build a 75 watt solar panels for under $100.
  • Earth For Energy Review offers superior written instructions on how to build a solar panel for under $200.
Personally, of the two, I preferred Green DIY Energy Guide because I have an easier time understanding something by watching it. I am more of a visual learning.

But you may prefer written instructions. It is really up to you. The only wrong way would be to not take the initiative and build yourself solar panels, which will save you $1000s of dollars on your energy bills every year.

I hope this review is useful to you in your decision.

  • I know that solar panels have changed my life and now I save money every month.

I hope they can help you too.

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