Homemade Electric Generator: You Deserve To Save Over $100 Every Month!

Come on...Can you really generate electricity with a homemade electric generator? Well, surprisingly, the answer is ‘yes’ you can. You can easily create a homemade electric generator. The real question is,
"What will you use as your energy source for the homemade electric generator?"
  1. Motors? 
  2. Magnets? 
  3. Solar or wind power? 
  4. Engines? 
Solar Panels on a straw house!
Solar Panels on a straw house!

There are many options available to you to create your homemade electric generator, but you should only consider the ones that won’t cost you much to upkeep and have low initial cost.

"So which ones are low cost? And require little upkeep?"

Surprisingly, the best homemade electric generators would comprise of solar panels and a battery to store the energy. The solar panels get essentially free energy from the sun and have minimal upkeep. The battery is used so that you can store the energy and still have energy at night time when the sun is gone.

Also surprisingly, solar panels are not that expensive to create. In fact, you can build your own solar panel for under $200 to use as a homemade electric generator.

Want to build your own homemade solar electric generator, but don’t know where to get started? Click here to find out more.

Homemade Electric Generator Uses

  1. Provide hot water for home use.
  2. Power buildings with electricity.
  3. Run your TVs, radios, microwaves.
  4. Homemade electric generators also have a variety of advantages.

Homemade Electric Generator Advantages

  1. Save hundreds of dollars on energy bills for the rest of your life.
  2. Help support the environment and be green.
  3. Go completely off grid, and know that rising energy prices won’t affect you.
  4. You can feel good about yourself and your achievements.
  5. You’re friends will be impressed.

Here is a video of how to create your own solar panels