Homemade Solar Cells Guide

Come on...can you really create your own homemade solar cells with a guide? Well, actually, you can. You can DIY off grid. And I hope to give a brief overview of how it’s done with this article.

Homemade Solar Cells Guide Overview

First you need to realize that a solar panel is basically a box that holds an array of solar cells where the solar cells convert the sunlight into electricity. Sounds simple right? All you need is a place to buy cheap solar cells and a box to hold them all together in an array.

Homemade Solar Cells Guide: Specific Steps

Home solar cells guide
Home solar cells guide

1) Purchase solar cells off of Ebay. New solar cells can be expensive, however, Ebay has tons of solar cells that sell for cheap. And if you’re willing to do a little extra work, you can purchase broken solar cells for cheap and fix them up yourself.

2) There are many different types of solar cells and depending upon the prices, I would suggest going with a cheaper model that produce higher voltage. For example, mono-crystalline solar cells might produce 1 volt, but be more expensive than other type of cells that produce less volts. So you have to weigh the benefits and disadvantages. Once you have the cells, wire the solar cells in series. If you wire eighteen 1 volt cells in series, you would have 18 volts, which would be good for charging a 12 volt battery. Careful, solar cells are extremely fragile and can chip even while shipping.

3) Create a panel that will hold the solar cells. Due to the fragility of the solar cells, care needs to be taken to protect the solar cells while they are in the sun. A wooden panel with a Plexiglas cover to fit the panel is a simple and cheap method to create your own solar panel case.

4) Test to ensure that your solar panel array is producing energy with a DC meter.

Connecting the homemade solar cells
Connecting the homemade solar cells

5) Connect your solar panel system to a battery, which will store the energy created from the solar cells.

Homemade Solar Cells Guide Final Words

It can be difficult to create solar cells without visuals or videos. Images are nice, but not as helpful as videos can be.

An excellent guide is available at instructables.