Homemade Solar Charger – Is it right for you?

An interesting project for solar energy enthusiasts is to build a homemade solar charger. It’s almost a project within a project because you have to build a solar panel and the learn how to connect it to the homemade solar charger.

Homemade Solar Charger Purpose

The homemade solar charger can provide energy when powered by sunlight. This energy can be used for common household items such as TVs and computers which will save you hundreds of dollars on electricity bills.

Homemade solar charger
Homemade solar charger

Homemade Solar Charger Necessary Items

For this project you will need solar cells which will be placed in an array to build the solar panel. You will also need some wire, tape, a soldering iron, blocking diode and some cardboard/frames.

Some of these item’s purposes are evident. Others are not quite as evident. The frame is to hold the solar cells will be the frame. The solar cells will be needed to be wired together to create a power source. Soldering is necessary to wire the cells together. Positive and negative wires should be merged to positive and negative wires respectively.

Important Considerations for a Homemade Solar Charger

Are you living in an area that gets plenty of sunshine a day? If not..then don’t bother building your own solar charger. Remember to place your solar panel where it can receive maximum exposure to the sun.

It recommended that you get a multimeter in order to test whether or not your solar cells are working properly. With this DIY project, is important to test the solar cells occasionally to see if anything has broken. The sooner you find the errors, the sooner you can resolve the errors.