Homemade Solar Heating Panels for Swimming Pools

Perhaps you have a swimming pool at home and are looking for cheaper methods to heat your pool? If this is the case, realize that the sun provide ALL energy for the earth. Creating homemade solar heating panels is a feasible option for you to reduce the costs associated with heating the swimming pool.

This is different than generating electricity with solar panels. Rather than converting the sunlight into electricity, the sunlight is converted directly to heat, which then heats the water in the pool. The water is fed through the solar cells by a pool pump. A thermostat controller can make sure the temperature of the pool does not go too high. When the temperature of the water is at the desired temperature, the pump simply turns off. Please see the figure below.

Solar Heating Panels for Swimming Pools
Solar Heating Panels for Swimming Pools

Placement of Homemade Solar Heating Panels for Swimming Pools.

The only critical aspect for placing homemade solar heating panels is that they are in the sun. Other than that, you can place the homemade solar heating panels beside the pool, on top of your roof, in your neighbors yard..anywhere that you deem fit and receives sunlight. Keep in mind however that your pump will have to be more powerful for the higher placed solar panels.

Homemade solar heating panels for swimming pools is a great economical alternative to traditional gas powered heating and provides plenty of heating with sunlight. Also covering your pool can dramatically decrease your heating bills because most of the heat is lost from the surface of the pool itself.

If you’d rather, the photowatt solar panels can be used for household uses too. Water could run through the solar panels and then be transferred to your water tank for other household needs such as warm showers.

By making your own solar panels, you can drastically decrease your energy bills.