Homemade Solar Panels: Create a Residual Income Stream

Did you know that you can actually build your own homemade solar panels, and not only save money by paying less for energy bills, but you can actually make money with the solar panels?

All it takes is a little entrepreneur thought.

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Make Homemade Solar Panels to Make Yourself Money

First I would like to point out the obvious money saving methods.

Homemade Solar Panels to Make Yourself Money
Homemade Solar Panels to Make Yourself Money

Energy Bills - One of the most expensive reoccurring bills are the electric bills. Imagine how much money you can save by eliminating them? In addition, average power bills are constantly increasing due to dwindling fossil fuels. Most people are paying around $200 per month on energy bills. You can complete eradicate this dependence on fossil fuels with your own homemade solar panels

Home Value - Home value inherently increases as the homemade solar panels are built. Think about it. Would you rather buy a home that has solar panels and little or no dependence upon electric bills or buy a home that has no solar panels? The answer is self evident.

Tax relief - Recently the government has decided to give tax breaks to those that supply their energy with renewable means. Therefore, if you build your own solar panels, you can save additional money by receiving tax cuts.

Surplus Energy - Now this one is exciting. If you create extra energy, more than what is needed to supply your home, then the energy company will buy that stored energy from you. You might be wondering, why do they do this? Well, the government reimburses the electric company to purchase every bit of renewable energy they can find. Think about this for a moment, do you have any free space on your roof or in your backyard? Then you can create solar panels, and basically have rent paid to you for your solar panels! There’s no telling how much money you can earn every month.

Home Business - I’ve saved the best for last and probably shouldn’t give this one away, but, for the entrepreneur minded people, you could easily make this into a business. Professional installation of solar panels is ~$4000. You can learn how to build solar panels for under $200. Notice the profit margin? When you are building these solar panels at your own home, your neighbors will naturally be curious...do you see where I’m going with this?

They’ll ask you questions, and you can tell them frankly that you’re installing solar panels. From there simply ask if they’d like solar panels..tell them that professional installing is around $4000, but you’d do it for half that cost. Or something similar to that. Ask if they know other people who’d be interested in solar panels. Viola! You are now in business. Outsource a little and you’ll be rich.

This is a growing business, the time is now to create a profit from it. If you are proactive and jump on this before others do, you can make a killing.