Motorhome Solar: Is it Feasible?

I was researching do it yourself solar panels for home use and thought to myself, “why not use solar panels to power motorhome solar? If solar panels can power homes, why can’t they power motorhomes as well?

Motorhomes use between 1-2 gallons of fuel per hour if the motorhome is powered with a generator. That fuel as of 2015 will cost around ~$3 to purchase. Therefore running your motorhome fulltime costs between $20-$40 everyday!

Motorhome Solar

A solar motorhome is a feasible alternative that allows you to install solar panels on the roof of the motorhome and then receive free energy from the sun during the day. The energy can be stored in a battery, and then the energy can be released at any time, including the night.

Motorhome solar panels
Motorhome solar panels

A solar motorhome is beneficial because it will decrease the cost needed to power the motor home. Solar panels generally cost around $200 to build and can drastically reduce the amount of energy needed to power your motorhome.

Solar panels also last around 15-20 years and will produce ‘free’ energy in that time. Also, solar panels require minimal repair because there are no moving parts associated with solar panels.

Basically, once you have installed and established your solar panels onto your RV, you will enjoy free energy for the next 20 years which will save you a fortune. Solar panels are also many times more environmentally friendly. They omit 0 carbon dioxide.

Building solar panels on your motorhome and making a motorhome solar will help you and your country. You will save money every month, and your country will become less dependent upon dwindling oil supplies. A solar motorhome will also help decrease global warming!