Renewable Power: Wind or Solar Power

Is a wind or solar power actually the answer for your difficult energy bills? Or perhaps assistance from an experienced person would help? Is renewable power finally the answer for you? Eliminated your free energy bills now with wind or solar power solution. Won't building windmills or solar panels cost too much?

Wind or Solar Power

Go off grid now with wind power. If you happen to be one of those fortunate saps who lives in a choppy area, then channel that wind to power your own windmill. One downside is that as soon as the wind stops blowing, the energy stops being generated. Energy can be stored in many forms, but generally batteries are used, which will allow you to continue to have energy even while the wind is not blowing.

Wind or solar power?
Wind or solar power?

Solar power and wind power are alike in their advantages and disadvantages. If you're looking outside right now and it's sunny or will be sunny, then solar power can be beneficial to you. Utah, Arizona, eastern California, Colorado and areas around those states are a fantastic climate to build solar panels and utilize solar power. Likewise, establishing a solar panel in the Sahara Desert would generate monumental amounts of electricity. Just like windmills, solar panels do not generate electricity all the time. Electricity is not made during nighttime or when the sun is blocked. At other times free free energy is obtained from the sunlight.

Prices for Renewable Power, Wind Power and Solar Power

The costs for wind or solar power can dramatically vary based on your specifications. For instance, a 1kW solar array costs ~$6000. However, if you construct your own solar panels from broken solar cells, you can minimize this cost to less than $100.

Similarly with the wind power, a 1kW wind generator with a 50 ft tower costs around $4,000. However, Constructing the wind mill DIY will save you much money from the original price. How much effort do you want to do to save money? Some online sources, if you do enough scrounging, tell you that you can't build your own solar and wind free energy in a feasible manner, but this isn't true.