DIY Photovoltaic Panel - The Right Way To Do It.

Creating your own DIY photovoltaic panel is beneficial because of the many benefits that DIY photovoltaic panels give the person who is willing to invest time into building a photovoltaic panel. Photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into electricity.

DIY Photovoltaic Panel Advantages

By building and installing your own solar panels at home or at the office, you can drastically reduce the amount of energy that you need from the energy company. Decrease your dependence upon energy companies, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, decrease your energy bill, are a few of the many benefits that DIY photovoltaic panels give you.

DIY photovoltaic panel advantages
DIY photovoltaic panel advantages

Having a professional install your photovoltaic solar panel array can cost $10,000s or dollars. However, there is a way to build your own solar panel for under $200. Guides online teach you how to find cheap parts for your solar panels and how to build the solar panels efficiently. One of the best guides, Green DIY Energy, teaches you how to build a 75 Watt solar panel for under $100.

Photovoltaic Panel Components

The most expensive part of the solar panels is the photovoltaic modules themselves. By shopping carefully, you can save thousands of dollars. Other necessary components include, inverters, mounting systems, wires, and of course the actual photovoltaic cells which will make up the solar panels.
"How much can you Save?"
By purchasing the components yourself, and installing the necessary components, the total cost of a professional installation is around $20,000 for 3kW solar panel array. The guide will teach you how to build a 75 Watt solar panel for under $100.

(3kW (3,000W) / 75 W ) * $100 = $4000

  1. You can save $16,000 with DIY photovoltaic solar panels in building costs.
  2. Additionally the government will reimburse you for converting to renewable energy.
  3. The photovoltaic panels themselves will save you $1000 dollars a year in energy bill costs.

So is it worth is to build photovoltaic panels?

Your initial cost for kW-hour will probably increase due to the capital cost of the solar panels. However, photovoltaic panels receive essentially free energy from the sun. After a few years, the solar photovoltaic panels will redeem themselves by giving you free energy for years to come.